Feeling overwhelmed by the college application process?

FroshLabs is the new and easy way to get organized.

Take notes, create to-do lists, manage college application documents,
search for schools, and track your next steps - all in one place.

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Your College Application Command Center

Seach for and discover new colleges

Already know what colleges you want to apply to? Just add them to your dashboard. Or discover new colleges by filtering by your preferences.

Manage what can become an overwhelming and unpleasant experience

Organization is key to the college application process. Let FroshLabs help simplify your life by keeping track of all your documents, deadlines, and essays needed for each college you plan on applying to.

Get help balancing your college list

Our algorithms continuously review your college list and give suggestions on how to have a better balance of match, reach, and safety schools.

Features Include

  • Store essays, files, and to-do lists needed for each college on your list
  • Database search of up to date information on 700+ US colleges and universities
  • Task suggestions depending on your grade level
  • Build your own personal academic profile
  • Create a calendar for all deadlines to track college applications and scholarships
  • Recieve email and text reminders for upcoming deadlines and tasks

And more!

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